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Lest we forget. One Hundred Years of Remembrance Day. A Reflection.

I can remember marching in a Remembrance Day parade as a Boy Scout in Kamloops. It was cold and the words of my dad sprang to mind. He is an ex-militiaman, a retired Colour sergeant of the Irish Fusiliers of … Continue reading

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The Horsemen, ch. I

The train coming from the northwest pulled into Regina as the sun finally dipped below the horizon behind it. Wheels screeching and smoke belching from the stack atop the engine three cars forward, a young man jumped off the steps … Continue reading

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The Burial Legend of Sam Steele, part II: What really happened and why it matters.

I figured the best way to throw back the curtain on what really happened during Sam Steele’s funeral procession was to ask some questions. First I wanted to revisit the legend and take a look at it’s development and significance. … Continue reading

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George Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia and its Modern Critics.

“…the beginner who has learned a new language always translates it back into his mother tongue, but he assimilates the spirit of the new language and expresses himself freely in it only when he moves in it without recalling the … Continue reading

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1905. By Leon Trotsky.

I read a .pdf of this book available online at the Marxist Internet Archive. The HTML version may be better. But the transcription in the .pdf seems like it was simply scanned without any proofreading or editing. Some numbers, letters and … Continue reading

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Their Morals and Ours. By Leon Trotsky.

Today I read “Their Morals and Ours” by Leon Trotsky. He wrote the piece in 1938 for publication in ‘New International,’ the theoretical Journal of the Socialist Workers Party in the United States. It was barely a year before the … Continue reading

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