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The Horsemen, ch. I

The train coming from the northwest pulled into Regina as the sun finally dipped below the horizon behind it. Wheels screeching and smoke belching from the stack atop the engine three cars forward, a young man jumped off the steps … Continue reading

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Paintings, the Prince of Wales Armoury.

A while back I made a few posts of some small format acrylic paintings. There were two more in that series, or “fit” really, of painting. I hesitate with the word series because these two paintings thematically belong in series … Continue reading

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The Burial Legend of Sam Steele, part II: What really happened and why it matters.

I figured the best way to throw back the curtain on what really happened during Sam Steele’s funeral procession was to ask some questions. First I wanted to revisit the legend and take a look at it’s development and significance. … Continue reading

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