[W.I.P.] Paintings 03.22.17


I’ve got some projects on the go right now that I’m pretty excited about and I wanted to post some pictures of.*  These are 3 that are in various stages of development. They’re acrylic paint on 16×20″, 1/8″ panel .

The two WWI images are going to form the basis for a series of depictions on the subject. The final one of those three is a detail of a photo purported to be of a German attack through gas.  The full photo looks a little staged to me (not a shell hole to be seen in the path of their advance…) but its still spooky as heck.  I’ve decided that its done. In the photo the texture and depth of the thing is not evident.  Once I finish 5 of these I will frame them and get better shots to post.

The chimney is located near where I live.  Its all that remains of the Canada Packers plant. early-view-late-1930sThe house that we live in, perhaps a 10 minute walk from the chimney, was built in 1947 and part of the Edmonton community then known as Packingtown. It was where the workers in the meat packing industry generally lived. Packingtown developed around Fort Road, which runs just past where we live. Starting in the 1800’s Fort Road was a key logistical connection in the settlement of the Prairies, linking Fort Edmonton with Fort Carlton to the east. With their proximity to railroads that still run through the area today the Edmonton stockyards became second only to Chicago’s Union Stockyards.

Continued growth through the second World War and after was finally derailed in the 1980’s where an intense and protracted strike ended with the plant being taken into government hands because of financial mishandling by its owner (Peter Pocklington). It was promptly sold and slowly dismantled, then demolished, and after 2002 all that remained is this chimney and rubble. Today its being developed into a massive transit garage and administrative facility, which should have a reinvigorating effect on the neighbourhood.  The image is from a few pictures I took while walking with my dog through the rubble before they began to develop the space.

At the time I took the photo of the painting I was unsure of whether it was done, and taking my intrepid partners opinion at high value decided to push it a bit. Again I’ll post a better photo after I get it finished and framed.

If anyone wishes to send a favourite image of a soldier or soldiers from the 1st World War I’d be happy to consider painting it.

Thanks for having a look!



* Sorry for the terrible photos, but really these are just “teasers.” Check out the Flikr link on the sidebar if you’d like higher resolution images for better viewing. Or check back in a few weeks or so to see if the finished products are up. In these pics Its very hard to see the texture, depth and details of these as they are.  Besides the top two aren’t even finished.


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3 Responses to [W.I.P.] Paintings 03.22.17

  1. mikulpepper says:

    Pocklington was evil. He screwed the meat packers and was upset when he couldn’t sell them like he did Gretzky. But he had the government on his side against the meat packers and the NHL on his side against Edmonton fans.

  2. mikulpepper says:

    Jeez, I suddenly realized that I didn’t finish the thought: that great chimney rising from ruins reminded me of Ozymandias — a Pocklington monument, “Look on my works ye mighty and despair”. Okay, Peter.

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