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Joe Schmidt, Part I.

March 23, 1984. Three articles in the Friday edition of the Edmonton Journal. ‘Cold Lake’s lone-wolf served on Hitlers terror squad;’ ‘Cold Lake’s ‘Nazi Spy’ was just plain Joe;’ and  ‘Schmidt a star pupil in Hitlers school for saboteurs.  Fast … Continue reading

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Portfolio of Recent Paintings and Two Prints.

This is a selection of past work, mostly Acrylic on Canvas.      

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Starship Troopers, by R.A. Heinlein.

I enjoyed this book, it reminded me of why I read sci-fi novels so eagerly as a kid. It’s got it all, neat science and tech, an alien species with whom humanity finds itself locked in a bitter struggle, an outcome that is far from certain and a vision of our future meant to provoke thought.

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