Lest we forget. One Hundred Years of Remembrance Day. A Reflection.

I can remember marching in a Remembrance Day parade as a Boy Scout in Kamloops. It was cold and the words of my dad sprang to mind. He is an ex-militiaman, a retired Colour sergeant of the Irish Fusiliers of Canada (Vancouver Regiment). Standing there in the Boy Scout version of “attention,” the words he had noted once in one of his drunken reveries sprang to mind. While standing to on parade, if it is cold, make sure to wiggle your toes in your boots to keep the blood moving.
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Paintings, the Prince of Wales Armoury.

POWA_SEA while back I made a few posts of some small format acrylic paintings. There were two more in that series, or “fit” really, of painting. I hesitate with the word series because these two paintings thematically belong in series with another attempt at rendering the Prince of Wales Armoury in Edmonton.POWA_NE

The paintings themselves are about 5” x 7”. The small format adds tension to the juxtaposition of the armouries imposing brick structure, full of angles, against the prairie sky. It is a relic of a certain era in Canadian history that is also a monument to its time, but one that has found a new use to a modern generation.

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The Legislature


The Alberta Legislature was completed between 1907 and 1915. In 1905 Alberta became a Province of Canada and the Legislature building sits a stones throw from the sight of Fort Edmonton, a key Hudson Bay trading post that had occupied several sites since 1795, but which, in 1830, moved to its final spot on a promontory overlooking the North Saskatchewan river.

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Old Church at Fish Creek

We happened upon this church when driving south from Batoche along highway 225, where it intersects highway 312 just east of the bridge, going from pavement to gravel. Interestingly, the bridge marks the spot where Gabriel Dumont operated a ferry crossing in the years before the resistance, and it is named in his honour. As we finally got close to our destination the church came into view. After a few bends along the country road which follows the line of the South Saskatchewan River, it poked out from the trees reaching into the blue afternoon sky.

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Fort Battleford National Historic Site, Saskatchewan. Summer 2017.

Copy of FortBatttleford2017

Fort Battleford National Historic Site. Summer 2017. Acrylic on panel. 8 5/8″ x 4.25″ (framed).

I believe Canada would look a lot more like South Africa had the numbers been different back at the end of the 19th century.

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Five Paintings

Earlier in the year I set a goal of completing five paintings by the end of summer. The project is done. The work varies from studies of historic photos in three cases, to a couple of images I composed from my own photos.

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Making a present of mushrooms.

mushroomsThis painting marks a deviation from the historical and city scape subjects I have been dealing with recently.  It was given by me to my partner for her birthday.






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